Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade to 18.04 before Trellis provisioning

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My client can only get an Ubuntu 16.04 from their host company - is it straightforward for me to just run the upgrade commands to upgrade the release to 18.04? And then provision with Trellis 1.0.1?

I’ve read through this https://github.com/roots/trellis/pull/992

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Trellis needs to be provisioned on a blank/fresh copy of 18.04 — no clue what you’d run into/be risking if you attempted to provision an existing 16.04 server

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Cheers Ben, so does a fresh/blank 16.04 that I then update to 18.04 before attempting the Trellis provisioning risk failure?

I can always go into the repo and use an older version of Trellis.

I would always start with the version of Ubuntu that your version of Trellis is designed for. Don’t upgrade an existing droplet.

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Thanks. By some miracle it turned out the server was able to come with a fresh 18.04 after all - so this will remain a mystery.

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