UIKit not applying styles

Hi, I am having a problem using UIKit in a new project. I imported the UIkit css main file which brings in everything and have a + 300kb /dist/main.css file to show for it, however, none of the UIkit styles seem to be applying on build. All h1s stay at p size etc, nothing applies. I am not using the scss files, just the main css files from node_modules. I am using reset css v2. as advised in their docs,

Update, I tried using the scss files in node_modules /src folder and they are importing, but no styles are being applied to the page at all. Below are my scss imports as directed in UIKits docs, although they don’t refer to node modules, I presume it would be the same.

@import “~uikit/src/scss/variables-theme.scss”;
@import “~uikit/src/scss/mixins-theme.scss”;

// 3. Your custom mixin overwrites.
//@mixin hook-card() { color: #000; }

// 4. Import UIkit.
@import “~uikit/src/scss/uikit-theme.scss”;

I get large css and js files in dist folder., but nothing is being applied to the page other than a large button!

any tips welcome! Thanks