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Unable to connect to database, check login_user and login_password are correct or /root/.my.cnf has the credentials


I’ve been using trellis for a couple of months now with no issues untill… Randomly all my sites can no longer access the database. Everything was working fine. I had to force a restart on my computer, but wouldn’t expect that to have an effect.

If I now run vagrant provision I get:

Running - sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start
Returns - [....] Starting mysql (via systemctl): mysql.serviceJob for mariadb.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status mariadb.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details. failed!

systemctl status mariadb.service shows an error:


Ha so whilst documenting this issue I also managed to resolve it…

Follow the steps here, skip step 3 -

Good chat guys :grinning: