Understanding how Tailwind works with Sage 9

I am not a huge Tailwind user, so these are my first attempts of using this framework with Sage. I have built some things in Laravel, and it basically makes sense. However, when setting this up in Sage, it appears that adding TW classes inline to the templates or in the actual content has no affect. I can see from what gets installed when TW is the chosen framework, ample use of @apply within the scss files to attach TW styles to a targeted class or element, but is there some trick to make the classes available in just the templates or when adding these inline within an editor? Thanks for any help!

Howdy! I think you might be working with a Sage 9 project? I’m not sure what’s going on with your build but that doesn’t sound like what should be expected

If this is for a new project, I think you’d have a better experience with the Sage 10 beta’s and Tailwind since it’s more up-to-date having Tailwind CSS v3 with JIT compilation

If you need to stick with Sage 9, let us know which version you’re on (9.0.9? 9.0.10?) along with what versions of sage-lib and sage-installer are being used, and we can try to figure out what’s going on with the theme

Ben, thanks very much for the reply. Yes this is just a stock Sage 9 install (9.0.10) via the installer (1.6.3). I have checked out Sage 10 some, but ran into some things specific to Bud, that made me fall back to Sage 9 for the time being. Definitely looking forward to switching to Sage 10 permanently. Perhaps I need to update the sage installer for 9? Thanks for your help!

There’s a 9.x branch on GitHub that has some additional updates on top of 9.0.10: https://github.com/roots/sage/tree/9.x

If you use this dev version of Sage 9 then you’ll get the latest sage-installer which has better Tailwind support, but it does not currently support Tailwind CSS v3

Re: Bud - are your issues one of the currently reported ones or is it something else? We would love to get those figured out so that you aren’t blocked with Sage 10, but you could also use Laravel Mix with Sage 10 as well