Unwanted Menu Highlight - CPT & Blog Active Class

I am aware there are a few posts with this topic, and I have used the nav rejg file -

I have two custom post types in my menu and on the first one after applying the rejig it works, but on the second one, again I have two active highlights.

the item in question can be viewed here. They are both CPTs but the first one (gaming) is now behaving properly.

CPT Gaming
CPT Flight Sim

I’m not seeing double active classes on the flight sim archive or post.

Hmm. Neither am I now, - though its still happening locally - but if its working live thats good enough for me.

If you can replicate or confirm the bug with the nav_rejig branch, please let me know.

All I actually did was download the new themes replace the files in the lib file - but it could have been a cache issue - its working beautifully now. - thanks for fixing, it was driving me insane on my own site CreativJam - but I will be able to reslove it now. Other than that though, LOVE roots, it is so great to work with!