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Update custom theme issue

I’m trying to add update functionality to my theme,
i have changed the theme architecture to work with zip file (by using this guide
when i click ‘Update Now’ after a while i’ve got an error message “Update failed: could not delete old theme”.
the old theme folder has only an empty ‘app’ folder and all the files removed.

Is this on a Bedrock site (independent from the themes)?
Bedrock sites don’t allow writing to plugins/themes on production systems by default.

No, it’s not on bedrock

This looks like a ownership/permissions issue to me:
The theme folder can’t be deleted by the PHP/web process as it isn’t the owner of doesn’t have write permissions for that folder.
Can you check the permissions/ownership of the existing theme folder (e.g. by using a FTP client, as you are limited to a shared hoster)?

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