Update from 6.4.0 to 7.0.0


I have updated from 6.4.0 to 7.0.0 and I´m missing some docs…
what about the cleanup.php?
I want to “remove some action & add some action”.
Can I add a line functions.php root_includes with the lib/cleanup.php ??
the same for the rewrites.php

It’s doubtful you’ll get any help on this forum without asking a clear, specific question.

well… o.k.

I use the version 6.4.0 and in the folder “lib” is the “cleanup.php”, which includes some line to “Clean up wp_head()” e.g. “remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘rel_canonical’ );” This “cleanup.php” is in the version 7.0.0 not available in the folder “lib”

My question is now: can I add a line in the “functions.php” in the folder “roots-master” like this: "‘lib/cleanup.php’, // cleanup for some unnecessary head infos…

Use Soil for the cleanup and Roots Rewrites for the rewrites.

Hello Foxaii; thx a lot… but, well, I´m not a “fan” of plugins… I like the way to write it in smaller way with less code… :wink:
Is the way, that I suggest possible? or do I “destroy” the coding?

The plugins are MIT licensed so by all means take the code and implement it into the theme directly. But it’s not something we’ll ever assist or support on this forum, so you’ll have to know what you are doing.

Also bear in mind that we purposefully removed those features from Roots.

o.k. I understand… I´ll take the plugin. That´s the reason why you remove the “cleanup.php”?

Amongst others, to make Roots leaner, to make the plugins easier to maintain and update and because features like that should be kept distinct from the theme.