Updating existing Sage and Bedrock projects

I have been out of the loop for awhile, and didn’t pay attention to the move to Yarn. Are there any good tutorials, or walkthroughs for maintaining past Sage projects and migrating away from Gulp to Yarn? I have a whole workflow of about 8 sites, and need to keep those as is, but when I create a new project everything breaks.

Any ideas?

Sage is a starter theme, not a theme framework, so there’s no standard upgrade path for “old” versions. Your theme is your theme; Sage was just where you started building it.

Updating a theme’s starting point from Sage 8 (which used Gulp) to Sage 9 (which uses Yarn) would be prohibitively difficult in a lot of cases. Templates would need to be moved and renamed, and updated to use Blade syntax.

I recommend against it.

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Okay that’s good to know. I didn’t know if there was anything I needed to do to keep the old themes conflicting with Yarn.


Yarn is simply an npm client replacement. There is nothing in Sage 9 that would conflict with existing Sage 8 installations.

hrrmmm… I musta screwed something up then. A’ight. Thanks!