Upgrading Bedrock

Hi Guys,

I hope this is not a daft question.

I have a project in git built with version 1.0 of Bedrock that I would like to move over to use the latest release (1.1). Obviously there have been changes to the directory layout now so I’m wondering the easiest way to ‘upgrade’ my project. Maybe I should just copy my composer.json and theme files over and start a new git repo?

Thanks in advance…

Your idea would work but you’d lose your previous git history which is usually not what you want. You should always try to preserve it unless you really don’t care about it, or it was just useless/testing commits.

Few other options are:

  1. Adding roots/bedrock as an upstream remote in your git repo and pulling in changes. The merging probably wouldn’t be nice but everything would be there at least.

  2. Just keep a separate clone of roots/bedrock and copy all (or most) of the folders/files into your project. Obviously you’d need to re-organize some stuff first and not overwrite others, but it could be done. For example you could copy the entire new web/ folder into your project and just move your existing theme into it.

Thanks Scott. I came to the conclusion that that number 2 above is the way to do it…

I’m dealing with a similar issue, but I’m wondering if you guys plan on doing any other major folder rearrangements in the future, and if so, how should we stay on top of them so we can prepare for them? I’m going to spend some time this weekend migrating some old sites into Bedrock (now that Bedrock-Ansible is up-and-running), and once I have, I’d like to keep everything up-to-date, if possible. Thoughts/tips?

There’s nothing you can really do to prepare for changes that I have no idea about :smile:

I don’t think anything major is coming especially not folder/file organization. Keeping it up date is just a manual process and I myself wouldn’t even bother keeping all sites 100% up to date. I’d only pull in changes that you’d need/like to have.