Uploads not working on multisite setup

Ok, I’ve worked through a lot of issue with bedrock but found one more;

I’ve got bedrock installed and have a multisite (and multinetwork) setup on the install. Everything works fine except, it seems, uploads.

When I try to upload an image to the main site on the network, it works fine. It creates the YYYY/MM/ folder structure under /web/app/uploads.

However, every time I try to upload media to a subsite on the network, it throws the following error:

Unable to create directory files/2015/06. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

When I put echo ABSPATH . UPLOADS; in the index.php file and visit a subsite on the network, I see the following;


It looks like it’s trying to get to the wp directory. Which is strange, why does the main site know where to look but any subsite on the network doesn’t?

And more importantly, does anyone have any tips on how to rectify this?

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I’ve never seen this. Maybe database related — is this on a fresh install?

It is. in fact, I deleted the entire db, redownloaded the latest version of wp in the wp folder and then set it all up again and am running into the same issue.

I have it all set up on a cloud IDE (koding) if you want access to see it. Let me know.

Lots of us running Bedrock on multisite without this issue, please do some more debugging.

This is the part of Bedrock that’s responsible to make sure the error you’re running into isn’t possible:

Fixed this. I had an outdated version of mutlinetwork installed. An update and a reinstallation of the network solved the issue.