URL Rewriting not taking care of special latin characters?

Hi all! Recently come up with an issue in a client’s site, where they are uploading files with filenames containing special latin characters like accents or similar. Googleing a bit about that, I found some articles pointing that this issue happens when you use URL Rewriting and your rules don’t consider special latin characters. When it happens, you will get a ‘not found’ message when trying to access these files.
Sure they point to additional solutions like using ‘sanitize_file_name’ filter in your functions.php, but maybe would be interesting to take care of this inside Roots URL rewriting rules. It’s only a suggestion and hope it helps to anybody having same issues.

Have you tested to make sure calling the files without the rewrite does actually work? And if it does, this sounds more like a web server limitation than a Roots limitation. The rewrite is very simple, and doesn’t modify the file name in any way, so if it’s not working, then you may need to disable the rewrites altogether.

Thank you for your comment Kalenjohnson. Finally found the isuue and has nothing to do with Roots URL rewrites. Seems to be a problem with the imgLiquid (https://github.com/karacas/imgLiquid) script that I’m using, which makes some kind of encoding with the image URIs.
Sorry for the inconvenience, please forum moderators remove this thread if you want or maybe let it stay if you think could be useful for other people.