Usage of Trellis for wordpress deployment only

Hi, Is it possible to use Trellis for deployment from local dev to staging and then from staging to production? Both, staging and production have Bedrock wp installed and are on shared hosting (where Red Hat is installed)
I see the docs:
Ansible playbooks for setting up a LEMP stack for WordPress.

* Local development environment with Vagrant
* High-performance production servers
*** Zero-downtime deploys for your [Bedrock]( WordPress sites**

Though, still confused…

What are you confused about?

Confused, if Trellis can be used for deploying to non Ubuntu shared hosting staging and production environments…

From the documents, in the “Requirements” section of the Remote Server Setup page:

  1. You need a server running a bare/stock version of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver). If you’re using a host such as DigitalOcean, then just select their Ubuntu 18.04 option.

Note: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) is still supported as well so you don’t need to migrate yet. See #992 for details on the minor changes needed to run it.

You can’t run Trellis on a shared host .

Trellis requires Ubuntu (currently 18.04) and a private host.

Alternately, Kinsta, a Roots sponsor, offers Trellis-friendly WordPress hosting that doesn’t require provisioning of the server (you just deploy) but that’s not shared hosting either.

Unfortunately the ultimate answer to your question is no, Trellis cannot be used on shared hosting.

You can deploy with Trellis to any host that supports Git, WP-CLI, and Composer, and you have the correct SSH permissions to connect to it

It would similar to the way that deploys to Kinsta work

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