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Using Advanced Custom Fields Plugin


You said you’re calling get_template_part('templates/content', 'front-page') but you’re calling ACF from a file called content-page-front.php. Try renaming that to content-front-page.php and call ACF functions—that’s the file get_template_part() is looking for.


Hi everyone,

As that link is actually broken and the actual code data from the post is lost, for anyone interested:

And thanks for the post @JulienMelissas by the way, very helpful even today.


Anyone got an idea on how to lower the db queries with ACF? I know using acf-json/ kinda halves them but would be nice to lower them even further (especially if using flexible content).


@ibanlopez wow -it’s been a while since I’ve seen this… anyways, the page on my website seems to be working fine for me:


You’re totally right @JulienMelissas. I see it now perfect.
This morning the code just didn’t show up, so I tried to find it somehow.
Thank u man!


Hope this can help: