Using bedrock in subdirectory, like ""

Hello everyone!

I’m new to both WordPress and Bedrock I can’t figure out how to set the url to my Bedrock site to “/blog”. I have searched around everywhere and can’t find a clear description, or maybe it’s over my head…

Could someone describe what to do to get a “/blog” setup working with Bedrock for a WP rookie?

(Using docker-compose and gonna deploy to kubernetes later on, if that changes anything)

Hi :wave:

To access your website, the request has to point to web/ folder, this is the only bedrock thing you need to know. Remember also to set the correct Url within the dotenv file.

That being said, you can use a basic symlink in your root folder where blog/ would be a symlink to wp-roots/web. You can call your bedrock folder whatever you want.


Thank you for such a quick reply! :raised_hands:

I applied a similar solution using docker compose which seems to do the trick. I’ll just paste some information here if someone else would need it some day.

I followed this example:

And then added the following volumes the docker-compose for both php and nginx:

      - ./bedrock/:/var/www/html/
      - ./bedrock/web/:/var/www/html/blog/

Hope it will help someone! Also, any feedback on this or other ideas how to set it up using docker compose would be highly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

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