Using bedrock now and adding trellis later

I just got a site up and running using bedrock. Everything seems to be running great. I tried trellis before and it didnt work so easily with my since I need a development server to mirror what we have on our production server (dedicated server).

My question is how can I put them together later down the line as I learn to use ansible to create a VM that closely mirrors what is on the production server? Right now the bedrock site is its own repository.

Just an FYI, we use Debian wheezy, apache2, mysql, php 5.4.

You could follow the example project, just keep the two root folders in separate git repo’s:

Thanks for the quick reply @kalenjohnson. I only ask since if I use trellis I need to keep it outside and separate of bedrock and if I use composer I composer the files into the bedrock repo. I really want to use trellis tho. Is it possible to make the bedrock repo a submodule of the total project. My initial guess is no but I am curious if it is possible.