Using Functionality Plugin to Modify Footer Template Output

Hi there,
I’m a squeaky new Roots user. So I’m learning a lot.

I’d like to use a Functionality Plugin to modify the output of the Footer and the Header. I want to use a functionality plugin because I’d be making these same modifications to most of the themes I work with and it seems cleaner than modifying these templates directly.

Using the footer blade template as an example:

@php dynamic_sidebar(‘sidebar-footer’) @endphp
I'd like to use the plugin to conditionally remove the dynamic sidebar call and NOT the markup around it. The condition would do check if a function exists similar to this:
add_action( 'wp_footer', function() {
 if ( ! function_exists( 'my_awesome_function' ) ) {
   //Do Stuff

I guess I’m trying to find the best practice for accomplishing what I want to do, if it makes sense.


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