Using Import Tools on Staging

First off, loving the bedrock/sage setup. I have used sage (formerly known as roots and roots-sass) for a while now but never worked with bedrock.

My question is… How are we able to use the Wordpress Importer to bring in settings for certain plugins (ie. ACF)?

I saw in another post that things like Plugin/Theme installation are disabled in any dev mode other than development.

Any help would be awesome.

You’ll just want to sync your database using something like Migrate DB Pro or Capistrano. That’ll move over any settings.

I figured it was something simple like this since there wasn’t much discussion out there. Thanks!

For ACF you could check out the Local JSON feature (and the related Synchronized JSON feature).

If you create a folder in your theme called acf-json then whenever you save custom fields it will also save them as a JSON file here which you can synchronize with other environments:

Synchronized JSON feature in action

Or if you wanted to use the importer and didn’t want to commit it to composer you could manually upload it and delete it afterwards.

For everything else though syncing your database will do the trick.

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