Using one instance of bedrock for multiple sites

I end up leveraging a single repo of Bedrock to manage multiple WP sites with the same plugin/dependencies and theme. I find it incredibly helpful to managing WP core and plugin versioning rather than tools like ManageWP, InfiniteWP or something like CampusPress.

Does anyone else do this to manage a large number of WP instances? If so, how do you handle when a site only needs an additional plugin or theme, or when one instance is a multisite? I have noticed minimal drawbacks, but am interested to hear how others do something similar.

Interesting to manage multiple WP websites with this! How many websites do you manage? I imagine you can push the Git repo and do an auto deploy with Bitbucket or something.

I do wonder why you wouldn’t use a WP multi site if the websites have the same theme and plugins? I’m managing about 30 websites at the moment and use ManageWP, it’s not ideal because it doesn’t work with Git.

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