Using Roots without WordPress

I’ve been using Roots for quite a while and really like how it works with Bootstrap. I have a project that is going to be built using static html pages and I’d like to use Roots but without Wordpress. Does anyone have any advice for modifying Roots to work without Wordpress?

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What part of roots are you trying to use?

Seems you’ll probably want a Yeoman generator with Grunt or gulp.

That will install Bootstrap, Modernizr, SASS (optionally, instead of LESS), and Grunt or gulp. That’s the guts of Roots “without WordPress.”

3 Likes can create a H5BP + Bootstrap project for you, too, but a Yeoman generator is probably the way to go.

Thanks guys, Yeoman looks good. I’m just reading over how it works.

@fend - I have a front end framework that uses the gulp (and there’s a grunt branch) structure that I built a while ago for a few starter projects. It’s basically the Roots file structure and tasks, without any PHP…

Maybe that will help? I made it a while ago so it might be a little outdated, but I just pushed it up on GitHub for you.

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Just as an FYI to people looking at this thread - I’ve updated my front-end-template repo to use the Sage workflow now:

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Thanks @JulienMelissas. I will take a look at this the next project I have which isn’t a Wordpress one.

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Great work @JulienMelissas, this is exactly what I need and saved me the time configuring myself. Thanks!

@thedrick If you want an up-to-date version of Sage w/o WP, the repo I keep up is based on the latest Sage stable. More info here…