Using Sage 9 On PHP 5.6.31

I have a general question for why Sage 9 requires at least PHP version 5.6.4? It seems like 5.6.4 was mostly a bug fix release?

I guess what I’m asking is if it’s possible to use Sage 9 beta 3 on PHP v5.6.31?

I had previously tried activating after disabling the PHP version check and it caused a lot of errors.

I’m implementing this for a large multisite network at a university, so upgrading PHP could be a large task.

I’m not sure what features Sage might be making use of in 5.6.4, but when released Sage 9 looks like it’ll require PHP7+, as per this merged pull request, so I’d recommend developing on that.


Upgrading to PHP7 will take a while in my environment (lots of plugins with unknown php7 compatibility on a multisite with 1000s of users), but we need to launch this new theme sooner rather than later.

Hope there is some quick way to make Sage 9 compatible with 5.6.31 as a short term, quick solution.

Sage 9 depends heavily on Blade templating, and the minimum required PHP version for that is 5.6.4 (source: I’m not sure how you’d make it compatible with earlier versions without a lot of work.

Understood. Short term solution will be to upgrade to 5.6.4 then, while we audit the plugins for PHP7 compatibility.

Thank you!

No problem, hope you get it all figured out! Working with old systems can be a pain.