Using the Grid in WP Content


Is there any existing way to use the grid that we define in Sage, in the WP content editor? There are plenty of shortcode plugins out there for making columns, but I was wondering if there is any way of doing this where it’s integrated more tightly with the theme.


I usually create my own shortcodes for that. It’s after all no-brainer, right?

I wouldn’t suggest using shortcodes for grids in the WYSWIWYG… try taking a look at something like ACF, Pods, etc. To set up custom layouts. It’s much easier to manage for the client and you, IMO, then a bunch of shortcodes


I second this, if you are trying to do something that complicated with Layout in a WYSIWYG you should totally be using ACF.

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You could use a plugin for that (if you use bootstrap that is):
But avoiding this would be better indeed.