Using theme customizer to edit bootstrap variables

I was wondering what could be the best solution to make very minor changes in case of child themes, like color changes at least. Is it possible that Roots team develop some theme customizer options with which bootstrap variables can be over-written directly. It will save a lot of time, because in every child theme I have to use Gulp and other npm packages for the different styling to take effect. … I found this link where @ben said he is working on something exactly what I am looking for. Any update on this issue @ben ???

There’s no “issue” here — being a starter theme you’re welcome to setup the customizer however you’d like.

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hi there, I noticed you’ve been able to get your theme customizer somewhat setup and working from the looks of your post =>

I’m having difficulties getting the Customizing Colors options to display. I think I may have a class or a variable not properly named.

Any chance, you’d share your customizer.php and customizer.js files with us? It’d be of great help for me (as well, for others…I imagine) by seeing an example of how the Sage theme customizer was extended so that an admin would be able to change the colors of background, headings, etc.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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