Using Trellis but not using Ansible

Thanks very much for all the hard work with Trellis. I’ve found it really useful and I’ve now built a few sites with the combo of Sage, Bedrock and Trellis. However, in a previous job the client was used to using Capistrano so we used that for deployment. However, I still used the Trellis set up because of Vagrant. I did try once to prune out the Ansible part as I didn’t think I was using it.

However, I wasn’t successful in this endeavour…

It was quite a big learning curve to get it all up and running and I don’t feel like I’ve got my head around the whole setup.

I’m happy to continue as I am with the ansible config left in but it would be good to know whether I could prune it out or indeed if it is worth me learning the ansible aspect of it.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

It may give you a clue if I tell you that Trellis started life as bedrock-ansible.

Ansible provisions the Vagrant machine, which is how we get dev/production parity. If you’re using Capistrano to deploy, you can prune out the Ansible deploy code, but the rest will need to stay or the Vagrant machine will just spin up a stock Ubuntu VM without a LEMP stack.

Aha, right I see there is bedrock-vagrant already. Seeing as I’m not going to delving into Ansible at the moment and I’m not sure if I’ll be deploying where I can take advantage of an ansible deployment, I use that instead.

By all means do so but that’s not a project maintained by the Roots team.

Yeah that looks a bit out of date in fact. I’ll stick with Trellis and then I’ve got the option of each and I’m sure later on I’ll find myself using ansible.