Using trellis to run osclass

Hello there. I have used sage in a few projects so far and recent project demands have pushed me into the VPS direction. So far my vps setup was a digitalocean droplet with 14.04, mysql, nginx and hhvm (a few high traffic wordpress blogs) but I entered a project where I am required to setup osclass (a classified ads platform). Its core seems to borrow some wordpress ideas (even child themes work alike) and I wonder if adapting trellis for this purpose would help me ditch my old server setup + sftp the files with an automatic deploy system: digitalocean + trellis + osclass.

Has anyone tested anything like this?

I haven’t personally found the time to convert Trellis for another project yet, although I do plan on doing it for a Laravel project I’ve been working on.

Most of the work converting would be in the wordpress-install and wordpress-setup roles, which you would just have to modify for your project.

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