Vagrant data gone


I have a problem getting to the data from database on Vagrant. So I was developing a theme/site using bedrock-ansible on a Vagrant machine (everything built-in, just changed names). I kept my sage theme in Git, but as I was building the website I added quite a bit of content (pages, posts).

Then I got a new computer, and formatted everything on the old one. I have time machine backup, but I can’t seem to find the data from the wordpress database. I copied the whole ~/.vagrant.d directory from the backup to my machine, and although everything boots fine, there’s no content in the database.

I was expecting the data would be stored in the database in the box (so somewhere in .vagrant.d/boxes in the harddrive file), but that appears to not be the case.

Any ideas?

Sorry if this is slightly off-topic…


Quite off-topic, sorry. The problem was my misuderstanding of how Vagrant works. Turns out .vagrant.d just stores configuration and base boxes, and actual virtual boxes are managed by VirtualBox, and typically in ~/VirtualBox VMs. Because I didn’t know that, I added ~/VirtualBox VMs to TimeMachine exclusions, thinking it only contained some virtual boxes I used for testing and playing around with.

Bye, bye data :frowning: