Vagrant: Disappointing local site performance

Hi guys,

Coming back with a new topic for the community. I tried to read all relevant posts regarding trellis/vagrant/VB performance but somehow wasn’t able to find the reason for my incredibly slow local dev website.

To give you an idea, I loaded the same page in three different environments and benchmarked the perf. using QueryMonitor wp plugin & chrome dev. tools

This page is not optimized for performance and is running multiple WP plugins so I was not expecting wonders, but I find the TTFB extremely high and was wondering if anytime had similar ratios between local and Kinsta staging.

To further understand the source of the issue, I tried to run the same test using local by FlyWheel to host my bedrock site.

Also I’d much prefer to use vagrant to run my local VM, Local by FlyWheel seems to be doing a much better job in terms of speed, maybe due to their use of docker?

Do you guys have any clues on what could be wrong with my vagrant setup?

More info about my config,

  • I am on macOS v10.14.3 with the following hardware conf:
  • Setting up my trellis/bedrock project has been very straightforward, no red flags or errors, and I can vagrant up and access my site easily
  • As my local site was very slow, I made several performance-related changes to the trellis configuration in order to get closer to my kinsta staging server config (the performance improvement seems marginal, but at least I don’t get momery errors anymore):
    – group_wars/development/php.yml
    —> php_memory_limit: 256M #previous 96M
    —> php_max_execution_time: 300 #previous 120
    —> php_max_input_vars: 10000 #previous 1000
    —> php_post_max_size: 128M #previous 25M
    —> php_upload_max_filesize: 128M #previous 25M
    – site/config/environments/development.php
    —> Config::define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);
    – I also tried to increase the vm memory to 2048 MB but it barely changed anyhting so I put it back to 1024 MB

Thanks for the help!


Are you seeing the same problems on a stock WordPress installation?

180 requests/35MB just on the front-end alone is a little wild… 42s finish/20s load on Local is also really long, but obviously Trellis shouldn’t be taking 2min/45s

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