Vagrant-related nfsd error

I was looking through the Console for some Java error messages unrelated to anything here and happened to notice a whole pile of error messages like this one:

7/9/15 4:55:36.796 PM nfsd[271]: Can't export /Users/alanc/Documents/sagetest/site: No such file or directory (2)

Thousands of them. Every 10 seconds for the last day or so. So, I checked Vagrant as that was the only thing I was using relative to that directory that might get nfsd processes going like that, and sure enough:

$ vagrant global-status
id       name    provider   state    directory
04b6b4e  default virtualbox poweroff /Users/alanc/Documents/sagetest

It’s a Vagrant-related human error I’m gathering, and so I fixed it by deleting the offending line directly from /etc/exports and then:

$ mkdir /Users/alanc/Documents/sagetest/
$ vagrant destroy 04b6b4e    
$ vagrant global-status --prune

So my question is, can anyone give me a quick answer why this may have occurred? My thought is that I deleted the sagetest directory before or without doing a vagrant destroy and that this has nothing to do with Trellis, but I wanted to ask to make sure that it wasn’t something else that I’m not thinking of.


Sure, if you deleted a folder that was shared with nfsd, then it might throw errors. It says right there No such file or directory.

OK, thanks. My mistake, I didn’t even think about whether the VirtualBox-Vagrant setup would continue to try to sync a missing shared directory ad infinitum in the absence of a properly executed vagrant destroy.

@alanc this happens to me to when I make trellis installs in my /tmp folder and forget to clean them up properly. Always make sure to run vagrant destroy or vagrant halt and it should be fine. Or just manually prune /etc/exports.