Vagrant/test server dies when I run my build script

For the last couple days, every time I run my build script on a React-based plugin, my local test (vagrant) site gives a “The page is not working” error, until I vagrant halt; vagrant up.

Anyone ever seen anything like this? It’s slowing me down like crazy.

Are you running your builds from within the VM? If so, it would be better/easier to run them from your host machine

I’m running them on the host machine, just in the plugin folder.

UPDATE: I’m finding it happens less frequently if I build, wait a few minutes, then refresh the page. Still happens maybe 50% of the time.

Maybe the VM is running out of memory (and the OOM killer kills the server)? Try running journalctl | grep Kill (or cat /var/log/messages | grep Kill) inside the VM to see if some process was killed.

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