Various Sage frontend development problems


After a few project I’ve run into some similar issues. I’m hoping someone can help to save me frustration:

  1. BrowserWatch will often swap out the wrong blade templates. I do dynamically include these using a basic page builder system which might have something to do with it?
  2. I have to disable watching php files about 1/3 into a project or BrowserWatch will often timeout / freeze.
  3. Links don’t work when running BrowserWatch. I have to open each in page in a new tab. This causes issues particular with any automated forwarding my application might perform.
  4. Sometimes I’ll have to refresh once or twice for the CSS / Javascript to load after building.
  5. How do I disable blade template cache? Sometimes I can only regenerate a template by manually deleting the cached file.

Does anyone have any possible fixes?

Have you tried to see if any of these issues exist on a stock Sage 9 setup without modifications or plugins?

You can’t disable the Blade template cache, but there’s

What’s your local development setup look like? Are you using a VM?