Vendor files from the manifest.json are not processed on gulp watch


im having a problem when i have gulp watch running and change something in my script files.

I have 2 JS files that are defined as a vendor property

"dependencies": {
"main.js": {
  "files": [
    "vendor": [
  "main": true

when i make changes to the custom.js those changes are found in the new concatenated main.js. If i make changes to the customXX.js those changes are not in the main.js.
Only if i run the gulp command the changes in both files are being concatenated.

Is this a bug, or am i doing something wrong?


Well, according to the gulpfile, it should be updating for any file updates:

Once in a while, I find it helps to stop and restart gulp watch, but other than that I’m not sure what the issue would be