Version 8.6.0 no loner supported by wordpress?

Hello, i’ll start off by saying im am not a WordPress developer or very familiar with the platform but I received an email from a client saying ’ Unfortunately, as the local developer was building the blog functionality they discovered that our website was built on an outdated theme and it is breaking. That is why when wordpress pushes out new updates the website breaks down, as we experienced a couple of months back.’ The theme is currently Sage Starter Theme Version: 8.6.0. Do I have to update to v9 or is there something else here? Thanks everyone

Generally no, updating to a more recent version of Sage is not going to fix problems with the “website breaking down.” Sage is more of a set of tools to create a theme than a theme itself; new versions of Sage improve on those tools, but don’t usually fundamentally alter the theme’s relationship with WordPress.

Unfortunately you’ve provided no details as to how the website is “breaking down” so it’s difficult for us to speculate as to why that might be happening. You would probably be better off talking to the person or firm who originally built the site. If you can give us some more details about how the site is breaking, we may be able to help you.

Thanks for the reply. Im still waiting to get in contact with the other developers to see what was actually breaking but after your response, I’m leaning more towards developer error. The developer that brought this up to the client was also recommending redoing the entire site in v 9.x, trying to avoid that by all means :slight_smile:

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