Versioning - suggestion

In the past I frequently ended up with different versions of roots, which can be a bit annoying to distinguish when they have the same preview image in Themes. So, as a remedy, I put the version number on the screenshot.png, which I found quite handy.

I had trouble double checking (confirming) what version of Bootstrap Roots was using in the version of Roots I was using. Was the Bootstrap attribution taken out in the latest versions of Roots?

Roots version is mentioned in style.css (which shows up in the theme details along with the screenshot), package.json,

Bootstrap version can be checked by opening one of their JS files, and as of Roots 7.0.0 (still WIP on GitHub) it’s defined in bower.json

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Thanks, Ben. Yeah, that’s where I ended up looking. I was just confused at first as I remember it being marked in the css stuff.