Video Tutorial Request!

Dear Concerns,

We really need a Complete Video tutorial on how to develop a full Wordpress Theme/Project using the new Sage framework. Please make it happen as soon as possible. Roots is a wonderful thing and I started to fall in love with it.


I’m writing a book that will be out next month -

A screencast series for theme development [based on the book] is planned, but no ETA.


I hope this isn’t off topic. One thing I’m a little vague on, which I think ties into deployment, is how the git repository for my Sage-based theme ties in with the Sage master on GitHub. At the moment I have two origins; origin which contains the original master branch, and my-origin which has it’s own master and MikeiLL branches. Yesterday when some changes were made at origin/master I was able to pull and merge them into my branch, but it could get interesting if (when) there start being updates to the origin master that conflict with my versions.

@mZoo - what’s the problem? I keep mine set like: origin - points to my repository, upstream - points to roots/bedrock or sage. Every time change comes that is incompatible, I just analyze and resolve conflicts as per usual git-flow.

@ben - What’s the ETA on book? I look forward to it :smile:

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@Johnny_Bit Well there ya go. Thank you for that.

It could be a very short segment. Possibly mainly references to Git docs.
Something along the lines of:

Clone the Sage Repo
Create your remote repo
Rename the remote origin to upstream

$ git remote rename origin upstream
$ git remote

Create a new remote named origin

$ git remote add origin
$ git remote

Push it to your repository

git push --all origin
git push --tags origin

Maybe it could include setting up ssh keys and authorization, merge basics.

Two to three pages could probably get a repository noobie up and running.


@Johnny_Bit Do you deploy based on the git repo and if so do you remove the dist folder from .gitignore?

@mZoo - hmm I don’t know how to answer that :wink: i use rocketeer (like capistrano, only in php) for bedrock deploys and i use mine deploy script for work that does not lend itself into full fledged rocketeer deploys (it’s rsync that copies only dist for example)

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Awesome! Looking forward to it. Can you add some basic Git workflow tips as they would relate to working on and deploying a theme.


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