We put Sage as a requirement on our Job Posting

I don’t know if this type of post is allowed, but here’s hoping.

We ( http://polymath.io ) are hiring a Director of Web Dev (a position I held before spinning off a product dev team recently). This person manages a team of devs, a designer, a sysadmin and some general WordPress “site-builders” (basically people who do all the non code-writing stuff for you so that you don’t waste your day configuring plugins)

We do a lot of custom WordPress work and most of our large sites recently (including a large WP Multisite that does double digit millions of uniques / month and is one of the top 500 sites in the US) using a lot of the Roots.io tools, including Sage.

I figured it would be good to post here because I would have a much higher chance of finding they types of people I am interested in hiring, namely those who understand the weaknesses of the common approach to Wordpress development and have sought out tools to be able to do WordPress dev like professionals. People who are annoyed that they can’t install EVERYTHING with composer. People who patiently wait for the day that Timber is good enough to never have to write wp_get_attachment_url one more time.

If this is you, email me at daniel@polymath.io and I’l shoot you a full job description.

If you’re an admin and this post is not allowed, sorry feel free to delete.

If this post falls in a grey area, please have mercy on a guy who is just trying to find a great developer in a community full of them.

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