Webpack frontend boilerplate like Sage 9?



Now that i am getting used to all the nice stuff we get for free with Sage 9 (webpack, es6, stylelint, etc.) i would love to have the same things for a simple HTML, non WordPress project.

I used to have my own Gulp setup for this, but am too lazy to do this again with Webpack :blush:

Do you have any personal recommandation for a Webpack boilerplate setup that would offer more or less the same features as Sage 9, but without WordPress?



If you don’t want to learn webpack — it can be daunting — I’d recommend Laravel Mix. It’s a wrapper around webpack that provides a much simpler API.

Personally, I’d recommend learning webpack and building something yourself. It’s a lot of fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are a couple of Laravel Mix boilerplates for Jekyll if that’s your bag:

I used the first one for a recent project and it went great.


Thanks this is a great idea, i already used it with my Laravel projects so that makes sense :slight_smile:


Jigsaw (http://jigsaw.tighten.co) is a static site generator built with PHP that uses Blade and Laravel Mix, providing a somewhat Sage 9 like environment. I’ve been using it recently to build static web apps (training courses) and am quite happy with it.

And what knowler said!