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Webpack sync is not working


I’ve freshly installed everything (Trellis, Bedrock, Sage). When I run yarn run start all SCSS compiles and everything works fine. But when I change any of the SCSS files, the update doesn’t sync and show up in the browser. However, when I create an error in SCSS, it does show me the black overlay with some error message. And if I run yarn run start again, it does show me the updated styles. Please help.

My config.json



Have you checked the browser console (Developer Tools in Chrome, F12 shortkey) at
load of page and when triggering a asset rebuild/reload?

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Hey @strarsis! Thank you for the response.
Yes, it rebuilds, it even shows a little notification with black background in the upper right corner saying Webpack build<hash> xxxms when I hit save in the editor. And also DONE Compiled successfully in 3383ms in my terminal. When I go to http://localhost:3001/ the browser sync setting are loading nicely. Can’t see any error anywhere! Just not “reloading” the new styles.


  1. Are you using new styles that are visible or are you inspecting the selected elements?
    Maybe these styles are applied indeed but simply not visible.
  2. I encountered an issue with similar symptoms, it could be a CORS issue with browser sync.
    Edit: I notice that you added something related to your browser sync config, the cors option mentioned in the discussion I linked to above may do more than adding this particular header.


A forward slash is missing from the start of your publicPath. It should read:

"publicPath": "/app/themes/orangesmith",