Webpack2 Performances

I found various posts on github complainig about the slow compilation times for webpack2. Various solutions as well that I tried, but with no good luck.

At the moment, waiting for full re-build after each change (20 secs every time,…) is a killer in my workflow, and since I don’t have enough time at the moment to profile the current build, it was way easier for me to rollback to v1.
What I ended up doing at the moment is simply refactoring the build config in ES6 and split the build into two folders (v1 and v2) so that I can quickly switch between different systems if anything comes up.
A lot is going on with webpack2 lately and I just feel like it’s not the best time to use this package for production. Will definitely look again into it in a few weeks though as I don’t like the idea of sticking with old libs.