Welcome to the Roots Discourse

Welcome to the Roots Discourse, the new home for Roots discussion that’ll be replacing the old Google Group.


Really excited about the new Rootstheme.com site and resources.

This is great, really looking forward to the new roots. Thanks so much for all your efforts, and Ben, have a great holiday.

Looking forward for the future with Roots Theme.

That’s awesome, I’m excited waiting the new updates. Thanks ben and your team for all the great work.

As they say in Glasgee “Pure deed brilliant!”

(besides I was never a fan of the old forum)

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I am so excited about this! I have been using Roots on all my projects- it is the only way.
I really hope I can learn how to use all these cool new tools. I’m still afraid of going command line and just the sound of the tools WP Skeleton, WP Stack, Vagrant, Chef, Capistrano and Composer make me want to run away and hide! :wink:
Also I sometimes wonder if I am the only developer who uses Windows?!

Still, hopefully you can help me. I am already a massive Roots advocate- I recommend it all the time to people. If you can help me I will be able to spread the word even more.

Congratulations on this new way forwards. You really have done some awesome work! :slight_smile:

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I use windows too. I was using Linux, but I couldn’t use Photoshop in it. so I decided to use windows instead.

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Wow, I thought I was the only one. For me, platform shouldn’t matter. There are pros and cons with Mac/Windows/Linux. It would be good if there was a developmental platform that was platform independent. I am hoping Roots will be like this.

yeah. I’m very excited for those kind of stuff, vangrant, composer etc, I didn’t hear about them before. But I know I will make them work in my windows lol

Not to be a parrot but I am also looking forward to the new stuff in the pipeline!! Glad to see things evolving rather than changing.

It’s official. Thanks!

Marvelous job here, I really appreciate the community effort your kick starting!

Big hello for everyone and many thanks to Ben&Co for roots theme.

I’m developing on windows (7) .
due to legacy code ( which has to run on classic ASP ), our production web server will also be on windows ( IIS 7 to be exact ).
just sharing this with you, so that you don’t feel alone. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that makes me feel a little better!

My issue is that I develop on my Windows PC but all my sites run WP on a linux server. I don’t develop locally yet, but this is the next step in my journey…

Congratulations - I’m so stoked that you guys are using Discourse for your forum. Good stuff!

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