What are the reasons to use or not to use Soil?

Looking at the description here:

Install the Soil plugin to enable additional features:

Cleaner output of wp_head and enqueued assets
Root relative URLs
Nice search (/search/query/)
HTML5 Boilerplate: An optimized Google Analytics snippet

It seems it should be a core feature?
Why is it not part of Sage and what might be the possible use cases to use or not use Soil?

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A lot of these things have been in Roots/Sage in the past. However, they are classified as plugin territory, so they should be in a plugin. Not only that though, since they’re in a plugin and each module uses add_theme_support(), they can be used with other themes as well, not only Sage.


Not to mention that the implementation of these features might need to change as WordPress core changes. So it follows that you would want them in a plugin so you can update it independent of your theme.


I see. Good points. So I guess I should probably use it. :smile: