What are your favorite Grunt tasks to add?

I’m getting into Grunt a bit more and was wondering which tasks everyone likes that do not come standard in Roots but you find yourself adding. Would love to know the name and a brief description of what it does!

I just tried out grunt-peach and it’s awesome. Does what the website does—migrates your database dump from one domain to another while correcting serialized values. Works like a charm; takes two mins to setup and works its magic in seconds!

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grunt peach looks very handy, thank you! I do this now with http://wp-cli.org/commands/db/ and a little scripting. I should probably be using something like grunt run or grunt shell or something. Though I probably just need to drink the Ansible Kool-Aid and be done with it!

love use it too, wp-cli make my job easier, i will write a script bash, for the db !


I from the futur, Gulp is the futur and the futur is now S)

You can sync the database quite easily in Grunt: http://cfxdesign.com/wordpress-database-sync-with-grunt/

@xav I use a pretty similar bash script to get up and running with WP/Roots quickly. Good for you for getting it up on github; I should do the same! Perhaps we can merge 'em.

@willthemoor, we can merge with me, if you want, it depend.

Just fork me and merge