What do I deliver?

Roots is awesome. When I finish a theme with it, what would I deliver to the public? Anybody ever deploy a final theme to wordpress.com, and if so, how do you get it ready for mass consumption?

Also, I don’t know if something like this was asked already, did a search and couldn’t find anything.

I haven’t posted a theme on wordpress.com, but I assume they have standard you will need to follow. not sure what you would need to provide other than the theme though. You’ll probably also need to use SVN if it’s anything like wordpress.org

You would probably need to include the final compiled assets after running Grunt. Not sure you could even upload a theme based on Roots to WP.com without some modifications. I don’t think their theme checker likes some of the stuff we do.

Cool, thanks for the replies! Really stoked about roots - Julien finally talked me into trying it out.