What does the Stage Switcher plugin do?

Hi, I have some understanding of the dev, staging and production environments but I am currently being pretty crude in their use. I use a local dev environment and then deploy to a staging environment to test and finally deploy to a production environment when it all seems to be going well. I use DesktopServer for my local development and use its in built deploy process. I am just starting to learn to use GIT. I believe I understand that Grunt is used to create the appropriate files and format for the relevant environment.

So here’s my question, what exactly does the Stage Switcher plugin do?

Cheers, Mark

It will add a drop down to the WordPress admin bar that confirms the current environment and provide links to the other environments defined.

I’m really sorry if these are silly questions, I’m probably out of my depth, but is this correct …

Does the Production link open the live site on the remote server?

Yes. The production link will open up the same page on the remote server.

So if you are browsing settings on the staging server and want to make the same change on production, you just click the drop down.

You just need to manually add the environments as per the README, associating each environment with a url.

Oh that is so cool. Thanks for taking time to clarify.

FWIW, there’s a Firefox add-on that does the same thing but is limited to two servers for the switching. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/server-switcher/

I’ve used it for years for everything from .NET to WP projects.