What goes into my deploy repo?

The deploy instructions say
" repo (required) - git URL of your Bedrock-based WordPress project"

What goes into this repo?

Is it a repo composed of everything in ‘site’?
Right now that includes the plugins installed by composer, some of which are github repos (mentioned in composer.json) themselves.

Oh… now I’ve read the discussion about what is in .gitignore, I think I see what to do.

Will try it out and pose the question at the same time.

thanks for shedding light

This largely depends on how you plan to deploy your site. We generally recommend following the Roots Example Project for Trellis-based sites, but if you’re not using Trellis your requirements (and deploy method) might dictate a different structure. Basically we need more information.

Thanks for your reply. Got distracted by other issues yesterday.

I am using Trellis/Bedrock, deploying to Digital Ocean and I’ve tried my first run of ansible-playbook server.yml and now need to reread a few of the docs. Step by step.

I have a repo that consists of the site' folder, excluding all plugins andmytheme/node_modules’.

I’ll see how I go.