What to upload?

I am new to Roots and Grunt. I have a question that seems silly, but I need to ask. After downloading and running Node.js to install the dependancies, a node_modules folder is generated with Grunt subfolders. Do these need to be uploaded to my site? Additionally, does the Grunt.js file need to be uploaded? I assume the compilation runs locally and then is synced (I guess Bedrock aids this). I am just wondering if not uploading these is somehow missing the point.

Thanks for the help.

If you’re only running Grunt locally then you don’t need Grunt or node.js (or its modules) on the production server. Even if you are running Grunt on the production server, you should be repeating the process you followed for the local install, not just uploading node_modules.

Bedrock includes Capistrano which is what we recommended to manage deployment from development to staging to production. The Roots Grunt file doesn’t contain any deployment related tasks: but if you search this forum there are a few examples using grunt-ftpush/grunt-ftp-deploy.

Welcome to Discourse and I hope you enjoy using Roots.