What version of sage is a reliable one?

I was wondering, we have Sage 8, we have Sage 9 which is widely used, and we have Sage 10 which is getting more used? Although on GitHub it says V9, however, the commits are from Sage 10.

It’s so confusing. It seems its safe to use Sage 10, correct?

Which version should I use, and where do I download it?

I’m building a system around Sage, and I don’t want to re-do everything because of the wrong version.

The readme for the repo explains some of this:

The master branch currently tracks Sage 10 which is in active development. Looking for Sage 9? See releases.

Sage 9 is essentially “complete” in the sense that we aren’t actively working on it: We’ll consider PRs but unless some horrifying security flaw is discovered it won’t see active development again. Because it’s no longer under active development, you may see some level of “dependency rot” as time passes–there are several topics in this forum with people working through issues of that nature.

Sage 10 is still an in-progress, unreleased product. You can use it if you want to (I have, on several sites currently in production) but you should only do so if you are comfortable solving your own problems. While plenty of folks here will probably be happy to help you, Sage 10 is still potentially in flux and if things change enough it will be difficult for other people to debug your problems.

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I see.

So essentially, as long as I can solve issues with Sage 10, I should be fine. If you do update Sage 10, I can always possibly update the code, to the new one, right?

So it seems Sage 9 is more of a possibly stable version, but Sage 10 should be out soon-ish? I think its been over a year now that Sage 10 has been under development if I remember. I think with Sage 9 I found quite a few issues, in general it kinda looks unfinished in some parts, but It is what it is.

I think Sage 10 should be fine, because I can always ask help here, and in worst case, pay someone, say a senior dev that does PHP/WP to help me solve an issue.

Well, am going to build my system around Sage 10, worst case scenario default to normal WP xd

Is there a funding page where people could donate for the development of Sage? This is how WP should have been built.

Also, so when we download the code from here, does it take Sage 10, or 9? I’m confused because the 9 is merged withing 10. Would be useful to update the versions as it’s confusing.


When you need to use Sage 9, also take a look at the Sage 9.x update branch that updates to webpack 5 and latest dependencies which fixes a lot of build issues:

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Yeah, I’ve used that :slight_smile:

Right now trying to make Sage 10 work, and already got some issues, not sure if that’s because of sage or my env.

What kind of Sage 10 issues? Have you created a new discussion for these Sage 10 issues?

Its this one Module build failed: TypeError: this.getOptions is not a function

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