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Yeah, I’m aware. Although I think I better wait a little and help test a more feature complete beta. Not sure I’d be of much help as an alpha tester.


everything is the same, we are just using webpack to organize the imports rather than dump everything on the global scope. Go look at some webpack and or ES6 module examples and everything will be clear.


BlueHost put out a open sources script that they used for updatin 2.5 mil of their blogs. IT checks for “breaks” also and then reverts if they happen which sounds interesting. More in the WP Tavern article.


Shopify as ecommerce platform + WordPress for content/blog is a great combo for a lot of companies and shops and now you can use Shopify on your wp sites: https://www.shopify.com/blog/113145925-introducing-shopify-for-wordpress


I just stumbled across this project which is billed as “The successor to Vagrant” and looks to be something similar to scotchbox. Made by the Vagrant Devs, it looks like some sort of LAMP dev box. I like the name…

The Otto Project

More details on Otto vs. Vagrant: https://www.ottoproject.io/intro/vagrant-successor.html


This is not a new project, but as of today, it is fully open source!


Cool! Have you used it?


Not with Bedrock and Sage yet…

I have it installed on 2 different WordPress site that I support and didn’t develop and it works great!


The new embed template heirarchy setup in WP 4.5 has got me all excited:


Isotope v3 is out, dropping IE8 support, and adding new features / effects:


Github now has unlimited private repos for a flat monthly fee!


Digital Ocean has just launched Block Storage: https://www.digitalocean.com/company/blog/block-storage-more-space-to-scale. SSD-based storage from 1GB to 16TB @ $0.10/GB per month as a flat fee (no transfer/request costs etc.).

Sounds pretty interesting: highly available/redundant, scale any time (including through API) and totally independent from individual droplets.

The gotcha is that there’s limited regions available (needs to be in your droplet’s region) at launch but will roll out over time to new regions.

Also, further reading: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-block-storage-on-digitalocean.


Pressmatic: https://pressmatic.io

Looks like an interesting new tool for setting up Wordpress sites on OSX. Not as fully featured as Trellis (obviously) but simpler and no command line.

I just can’t live without an integrated deploy in my local development environment anymore so I think that’s a pretty core feature to be missing.


I’d be a little careful with Pressmatic as the guy behind this is the guy behind Headway Themes and they’ve been up to all sorts of shenanigans recently.


I lolled :slight_smile:


Not brand new but pretty new and relevant for a lot of people here who don’t have, pay for, or spend time dealing with open source solutions they need to manage for monitoring their servers and real time/archived log data for their servers and applications. Also this will get you the ability to set up custom alerting on your websites if they go down (they will ping every minute), also for services and CPU/RAM. You can have alerts via SMS, email, etc.

Google Cloud Platform has two awesome solutions both in Beta so they are 100% free for the time being, these work for anything hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCE (Google Compute Engine) or GAE (Google App Engine).

Google Stackdriver Logging - https://cloud.google.com/logging/
Google Stackdriver Monitoring - https://cloud.google.com/monitoring/

Logging uses a modified version of Fluentd to deliver the logs in real time to their logging platform. Also they support live tail of your logs which some places you have to pay big money for, Loggly charges $350+ monthly to get this option. Never have to use another console window and manually tail your logs again!

For setting up the monitoring agent you can do it on GCE or AWS in 5 minutes max for the quickstart. Also they have a full API supporting over 900 metrics you can use.

No reasons anymore to not have monitoring and logging for your servers, did I mention the free part?

Also for interested parties I have a role that works 100% with Trellis (I know because I’m using it) to automatically set up every important service that has a log on your server, PHP, Nginx, syslog, etc and every website you provision with Trellis it automatically adds the error and access logs. Every service and every website log is individually tagged so you can search for and live tail easily for anything you want to see by themselves or as a whole.

If there is interest let me know and I’ll add comments to my code and instructions on how to add it to Trellis easily and I’ll put it on Github.


Also interesting: http://stateofjs.com/


https://beta.getshifter.io - Serverless hosting solution for WordPress. Seems like a promising try to have WP as a static site generator.


Yarn was released yesterday, a new package manager that aims to find a middle ground between Bower and NPM:




This (Shifter) is really interesting. I’ve had a play around with it and it’s super early at the moment but the core functionality is there. I do like the idea of generating a static site. I guess the WordPress site can almost be a “content staging” area i.e. edits are not pushed out to the live site until a new version is generated on demand. The WordPress site’s content can be changed and published in private and tweaked as much as required, then when a new “release” is ready, a new static version is generated. I think that works really well from a content publisher’s perspective, especially if they can figure out zero downtime during deployment.

Netlify do some really interesting work in this space and it would be great to see some movement in this space with direct integration with WordPress.