What's your biggest $5 website?

Like many I’m coming from the Shared Hosting world and I’m excited about the control that Trellis and Digital Ocean give me, but I keep bumping up against one question: how much server do I need?

The specs of a $5 DO server seem pretty comparable to, say, my Bluehost account, but my reading indicates that it’s not quite a 1-1 comparison, so I’m looking for real-life experience:

What is your biggest, most high traffic, most complex $5 DO droplet site? How much can $5 really push?

I get the feeling that most of my clients (small, local businesses) could get by with the resources a $5 server gives them, especially since they’re doing fine on shared hosting now, but maybe not? Help me out. What have you done for $5?

https://roots.io/ is on a $10 DO server and CPU is (almost) never more than 5%. What really makes the difference is what kind of caching you have in place. A $5 server with great caching could beat a $100 server.

Is that the same server that’s hosting Discourse?

No, Discourse is a fairly complex Rails app so it requires a lot more memory.