Where is my .git folder?

Hi guys,

So I started a theme with just sage and ran git init from inside the theme directory.

Since then though I have discovered bedrock and want to move the project over.

I have taken all of the necessary steps to move the theme into a bedrock project however when I try to git init at the root of the bedrock project it tells me that there is already a git repo inside and its correct because I just copied all the theme files over directly from where they previously were and git was initially initialised in the theme folder.

Normally I would just delete the .git folder which would be in the same folder that I ran git init in but it isnt there?

I’m thinking sage hides it away somewhere but I have no idea where or how to just get rid of the repo?


So this is for anybody else that might come across the same issue…

The .git folder was nowhere in sight but I found this command:

rm -rf .git

Ran it inside my theme folder where i initialised git and it worked even though I couldnt see the folder either in mac os or my code editor…

Hope this helps someone!

Have you enabled viewing hidden files? On Linux & Mac, all files and folders that start with . won’t normally be shown.

ls -a in a terminal will show them. There are probably options in your graphical interface to do that as well.

well i did ls -alh and it wasnt there…

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