Where to modify the featured image on a single post page

Hi There!

I’m trying to customize the layout of the featured image shown on a single post page. Can anyone point me towards the template file I should be editing? I’ve looked around single.php and templates > content-single.php to no avail.

I thought greping for the_post_thumbnail might shine a light on the matter, but I’m still stumpped.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Roots does not include the post thumbnail by default, do you would have to include it yourself and mark it up just the way you want it. The Roots templates are very minimal for a good reason: every project will have different requirements and different markup.

content-single.php would be the file to edit in this case. If you are unsure of how to add post thumbnails then take a look at the codex:


Thank you for your response!

Alas, I posted too soon!

Since I’m building a replacement template for an existing blog, I imported the content so I’d have something other than lorem ipsum to work with. The images were in the content of every post, and not actually a featured image. With the roots media re-write all of the images were pointing to the wrong folder. A database find and replace has done the trick.

Thanks again!