Where to start with intermittent host lookup issues?

Hey all,

Sorry this is probably more of a Vagrant question than specifically about Trellis, but since it includes a Vagrantfile I thought some of you might know where I can begin to look.

When I restart my VM, 4 or 5 times I have to do a vagrant reload before I can actually hit the site in the host. I look at the output and it looks the same, and there are no errors, it’s just that sometimes when I bring up the URL to my site in the browser it times out and can’t hit the site.

Any ideas of how to troubleshoot this? It’s difficult to reproduce consistently since with enough restarts it will work.



Check your hosts file to see if there are duplicate entries for the same site.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case. I’ve tried vagrant halt-ing, deleting everything from hosts and then upping, and it’s still intermittent like this. Really unsure where to go.

If I ping the address when it is in this state I get request timed out so something’s not right.